Kerry Anne Cassidy

Hi.  My name is Kerry Anne Cassidy. 

I'm a passionate Educator, Facilitator, Publisher and Conversation Starter

Helping managers and their teams effectively manage conflict and difficult people  - one conversation at a time

Through Skill Junction I have been working with dynamic, open-minded and change-willing managers and their teams to help them effectively deal with conflict and difficult behaviours, since 2002.  

I have helped many thousands of people around the world solve their personal, career and business challenges through the humble art of conversation.

Through conversation, I encourage people to see themselves and their situations as more about the journey they are on, rather than the troubles they may be experiencing right at that moment.  

I help them to see the possibilities and opportunities available to all of us, if we are prepared to work to make the changes necessary to achieve our potential.

And, to help people to fully realise their potential, I engage both their heads and hearts.

Most people underestimate the power of what a productive, simple conversation can have on their relationships and bottom-line.

Whether you are a new supervisor learning what it means to manage people or a leader of a team whose team is involved in politicking and back-biting ....

"Relationships are the key to helping you achieve your goals and aspirations"

In my workshops, webinars, coaching and speaking, I help managers and leaders to engage with their teams, colleagues and bosses at a simple yet meaningful level to break through the barriers that may be holding you back.  

I tailor every one of my courses or programmes to suit the needs of the person or group I am working with.  This could be a fully customised programme specific for a particular need within an organisation or informally as I get to know a group during a workshop.


Through the simple art of conversation, I help my clients learn how to solve conflict and see difficult behaviours in new ways.

I help my clients to harness the strengths within their teams and develop deeper insights about themselves and others!

My approach is simple: to change the world, one conversation at a time, learning needs to be fun, easy to implement and measurable.

Let's get the conversation started:

"Where Are You in Your Career?"

Values and Beliefs

In my experience, conversations are the life-blood of successful relationships and profitable business.

I am fascinated by human behaviour - the good, the bad and the ugly.  

I believe that by understanding and sharing what I learn, I can change the world for the better. 

I am the first to admit that I teach what I have had to learn in my own life.

My "to-the-point task focus" coupled with "high emotional reactiveness" have landed me in hot soup many times over the years. 

I've had to learn humility and acceptance.  

I'm still learning patience, forgiveness and grace ;)

Coupled with life's many experiences, I have had to regularly stop and re-evaluate my journey - the tools I use and share in my workshops and online courses, in my articles and through my coaching come from my own personal experiences, research and experimentation and have helped me and others immensely.

My clients and learners most describe me as: "Engaging, Enthusiastic and Energetic." 

I think I get it from them..... ;)

I Believe:

That faith means believing and relying in something bigger than ourselves

"If it's to be, it's up to me" - Dr Seuss

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Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny - Mahatma Gandhi

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What Others Say...

Jessie Mossman HR Account Manager
I have had the pleasure of working with Kerry Anne in her capacity as a leadership development facilitator training our frontline leaders at QGC (now Shell).

We have received a lot of great feedback from employees about Kerry Anne personally as a facilitator, many suggesting she is one of the best they have ever experienced.
Chandima Edgerton Finance Manager specialising in business partnering and strategic advice

I first met Kerry about a year ago while doing a Change Management course where she was the facilitator.

I have done quite a lot of these types of courses throughout my career and have to say Kerry is the best facilitator I’ve come across.

I went onto have the pleasure of working with Kerry again in another 2 leadership courses and in both courses she was energetic, amazingly engaging and had the rare ability (in my experience) to adjust the course content and format to suit the people in front of her.

It was during one of these courses that I approached Kerry about undertaking an Executive Coaching Programme with her.

Over a four month period we worked through a customised coaching programme. Kerry took a holistic approach which I really liked – she looks at a person’s whole life not just their work life.

Kerry’s genuineness comes through in how she gets to know you and then prepares a programme that suits your individual circumstances. Kerry provided practical tools and action plans on next steps etc which were realistic and achievable.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kerry and found the coaching programme to be of great benefit.

Who I Work With...

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