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Are you a leader looking to develop yourself and your team but short on time and resources? Check out our 10-session one-on-one coaching intensive designed for time-poor, results-orientated leaders wanting to dramatically increase their emotional intelligence and bottom-line business results...

What Is Catapult Your Career All About?

  1. 10 Coaching Sessions which include 45 minutes of One on One Coaching
  2. The Core of the Programme introduces you to the power and focus of Emotional Intelligence and specifically looks at 6 key skills you need to help you gain clarity, focus and build strong, rich relationships in the workplace
  3. Helping you target your key challenge/s and creating a strategy and framework to conquer the underlying thoughts and decisions currently being made around these

Who is the Catapult Your Career Package Aimed At?

  1. Leaders who are stuck and need support and guidance to specifically uncover and work on their key challenge/s in their workplace and or career
  2. Leaders who want to move ahead in the workplace and are looking for a targeted strategy to get them there
  3. Leaders who want quick results in a short amount of time
  4. Leaders who have a current problem facing them or their team

What are the 6 Skills this Programme Focuses on?

  1. Leaders who are looking to build their Self Awareness and that of Awareness of Others
  2. Leaders who are looking to build their Authenticity and Ability to Reason
  3. Leaders who are looking to build their Self Management and Inspiring Performance

Catapult Your Career Skill-set Mode

Managers who are operating at their influential best are seen as present, empathetic, genuine, expansive, resilient and empowering (refers to the outer grey circle)

Managers who are not operating at their best are seen as being disconnected, insensitive, untrustworthy, limited,temperamental and indifferent (refers to the inner red circle)

Which of these 2 descriptions would your team say best describes you?

How do I Identify My Strengths and Developmental Areas around these 6 Emotional Intelligence Skills?

  1. We will get you to complete an Emotional Intelligence Self Assessment
  2. You will identify 4 - 8 people who will complete an Emotional Intelligence for Leaders Feedback Assessment of you in the workplace. If you do not have a team reporting into you, we can discuss the use of another GENOS tool.
  3. You and I will debrief this in the first session and then create a specific and targeted strategy to conquer your developmental areas for each of the 6 Core Emotional Intelligence Skills
  4. We will review and evaluate the process in order to finish up the programme with a personal action plan for your next steps

Kerry Anne Cassidy

In this 10 session coaching package, Kerry will help you “uncover and discover” what your 1 - 2 BIGGEST CHALLENGES facing you right now in your career really are. She’ll help you to understand what is really holding you back based on your responses to your Emotional Intelligence Leader Feedback Assessment which allows a meaningful look into the thoughts and emotions helping and hindering you in your workplace.

What makes this Assessment so powerful is the feedback you get from your direct reports which you can compare against your own self-assessment.

Each session, we will explore and dig deep to discover how to shift self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions blocking you and plan strategies to help you move and shift these for the good of you and your team.

The setting of sound goals (I use a powerful model to ensure goal setting is properly created and developed) at the end of the programme allows you to continue implementing and achieving the success you have always dreamed of.

Your 10 Session Catapult Your Career Framework looks like this:

Session 1: Emotional Intelligence Introduction and Assessment Debrief

We go through your Assessment Results in order to get clarity on the way forward. During this session, Kerry will share the model of Emotional Intelligence and how it relates to you. We will put together an action plan to work through over the next 9 sessions together for each of the 6 Core Skills.

Session 2: The Aware Leader

In session 2, you will spend time learning what Self Awareness means and then apply strategies, tools and frameworks to practically implement changes in the workplace

Awareness of emotions (both your own and those of others) is the foundation for developing all of the Emotional Intelligence Skills. Are you feeling happy? Stressed? Angry? And when you have these feelings (and notice them in others) are you aware of how they impact your behaviour?

Developing Self Awareness will enhance your understanding of how your own feelings impact decisions, behaviour and performance.

Session 3: The Empathetic Leader

In session 3, you will spend time learning what Awareness of Others means and then apply strategies, tools and frameworks to practically implement changes in the workplace

Awareness of Others is about noticing and acknowledging others, ensuring others feel valued and adjusting your own style to best fit with others.

Developing Emotional Awareness of Others will increase your capacity to engage, respond to, motivate and connect with work colleagues.

Session 4 : The Genuine Leader

In session 4, you will spend time learning what Authenticity means and then applying strategies, tools and frameworks to practically implement changes in the workplace

Authenticity is about openly and effectively expressing yourself, honouring commitments and encouraging this behaviour in others.

Developing Authenticity will help build understanding, openness and feelings of trust in others

Session 5: The Expansive Leader

In session 5, you will spend time learning what Exploring Your Emotional Reasoning means and then applying strategies, tools and frameworks to practically implement changes in the workplace

We make decisions everyday. Someone who demonstrates high levels of emotional reasoning will make these decisions based on facts and feelings; on data and intuition. They will consider how individuals will react to their decisions. By factoring rational and emotional data into your decision-making process, you will have a greater likelihood of making better decisions and also have work colleagues support them.

Developing Emotional Reasoning will enhance your decision-making and increase your ability to get buy-in to decisions.

Session 6: The Resilient Leader

In session 6, you will spend time learning what Self-Management means and then applying strategies, tools and frameworks to practically implement changes in the workplace

Individuals with high levels of emotional management come across as being centered. They are good at maintaining positive moods, dealing effectively with stress and reacting to strong emotions (such as anger) in constructive ways. They are also good at bringing out positive emotions and moods in others through what they say and do.

Developing Self-Management will boost your job satisfaction, help you to better cope with demanding workloads and enhance your productivity and performance.

Session 7: The Empowering Leader

In session 7, you will spend time learning what Inspiring Performance means and then applying strategies, tools and frameworks to practically implement changes in the workplace

Inspiring Performance is about facilitating high performance in others through problem solving, promoting, recognising and supporting others work

Developing your skill of Inspiring Performance will help you to engage and motivate your team's heads and hearts to perform to their highest potential

Session 8 and 9: Skill Builders

These 2 sessions are designed to supplement and support you in addressing your key developmental areas. We keep the programme flexible enough to allow you to address your key areas in detail. So, these 2 sessions could be used to focus on 1 skill in minute detail, say 2 - 3 sessions or could be spread throughout the programme where more time may be needed.

For example, you may decide you'd like to spend 2 sessions on exploring Self-Awareness as this is a foundation skill and then another session may be added to a second key development area such as Inspiring Performance. Your coach will discuss this more in your introduction session once you have gone through your Assessment Results.

Session 10: Review and Strategise

Once we have gone through the full programme, our last session is by far the most important as it allows us to review the insights and discoveries we have made. It allows us then to compare these against the goals we want to set going forward and ensure that you have focus and clarity on how to continue forward, maintaining your progress through positive routines, rituals and thought life.

How does Kerry help you Achieve Your Targets through your 10 Sessions?

Introducing the 5-Step Client Break-through System. This system is used for every session we have together and is adaptable and flexible to meet your needs. In a single session we can work through the entire 5 steps or we may find that we need to work through the 5 steps over 2 or even more of the sessions. The session content is guided by how we work through the 5 steps and what your specific needs are.

Your content here...

5-Step Client Breakthrough Coaching System

Gain Clarity on Your Direction

  • Each session, I help you to clarify your vision and direction for what you want to achieve

Strategise Your Actions

  • “If you want to achieve this result, how are we going to make it happen?”

Upgrade Your Skills

  • We identify and help you to develop your skills so you can achieve your goals. Sessions 2 - 9 focus on building these skills

Optimise Your Environment

  • I help you to plan for obstacles or challenges to you achieving your goals
  • I help you to develop strategies for overcoming these

Master Your Psychology

  • I help you to identify and then work on releasing you from your fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs and insecurities that may hold you back from achieving your goals
  • I help you to create confidence and new, empowering beliefs

What if Just Want Coaching Around my Key Development Areas?

We provide a range of coaching packages to suit your particular needs and circumstances. Talk to us at

How Do I Sign-Up for the Programme?

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