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Through our blog our aim is to support the development of busy professionals, leaders and their teams with essential tools and tips.  Each article takes between 7 - 20 hours to research, design and develop and aims to answer common questions raised in our workshops.  For more detail on our workshops, take a look here

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Kerry Anne Cassidy
Founder and Lead Facilitator, Skill Junction

About the Author

Since 1996, I have been passionate about making a difference in the lives of busy professionals, managers, their teams and organisations around the world: one conversation at a time.

I am fascinated by the art and science of human behaviour and I use the many different tools, ideas, methodologies and techniques from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Positive Psychology, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence to inform my workshops, coaching and online programmes.​

My clients and learners most describe me as "Engaging, Enthusiastic and Energetic" - you decide .....

What my learners say about me...

Kerry is an awesome teacher!

Best motivator and teacher I have ever encountered

You have a genuine concern for your course members.

Incredibly engaging and informative. I couldn't wait to come in every week and learn something new - thank you!