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Coaching: a compelling tool for career success

70% of learning initiatives fail - why is this?

My personal experience which is backed up by research into neuroscience shows that:

Your brain is set for threat unless you hit the reboot button

One-on-One Coaching is a critical step to provide support as well as cement and embed the learning process. And yet, most people don't know or understand the secrets to learning, growth and change. Most people never even make it to first base - as New Year's resolutions show us each year.

95% of people fail to achieve their goals.

Only a "favoured" 5%, achieve the kind of outstanding success the 95% dream of. Because they are prepared to do what others aren't...

Change is hard. Change calls for focus, commitment and persistence. Change calls for a plan and guidance to ensure accountability and progress.

And, that's why having a coach who cares about your future, who knows and understands the pillars and rules of change and transformation, can guide you through a coaching programme that has specific outcomes tailored to your particular situation, becomes absolutely crucial to your success....

Hi, my name is Kerry Anne Cassidy and I am an Educator, Facilitator, Publisher and Conversation Starter

Kerry Anne Cassidy

Having been a business owner since 2002 and involved in the Learning and Development industry since 1996, I help leaders STOP, step back and refocus, let go and explore in order to move forward faster than you could every imagine.

Are you struggling with:

  1. "Stuckness" anxiety and stress?
  2. Feeling overwhelmed and unappreciated and wondering how you can make things work?
  3. Second-guessing your decisions and doubting yourself?
  4. Not knowing how to leverage your unique strengths and abilities to achieve the success you know you were made for?
  5. Frustration that the work you do doesn't have positive meaning and purpose for you?
  6. Dealing with people who block your every move and create conflict and trouble for you?
  7. Being overlooked for promotion?
  8. Being made redundant in this tough economic market?

I specialise in personal and career leadership transformation

I work with GENOS International, a leader and specialist in the field of Emotional Intelligence as well as leverage off my years worth of research and hands-on experience around the science of change and transformation delivered in workplaces, classrooms and coaching sessions.

I am a learning "junky": curious and ever-developing in my own personal journey. As such I use the latest information, tools and research in the areas of neuroscience, positive psychology and NLP as well as learning and research from global thought leaders to enrich and deepen the content in my programmes.

For more detail on my personal power and transformation coaching programmes, check out:

career success consultation

catapult your career

Emotional Intelligence for Managers

If you are serious about change, let's set up a 20-minute consult to discuss your particular needs and make a decision on how to make things happen.

What Others Say

Paul Goldston

Paul Goldston, Digital Creative Director at Reload Media

I first met Kerry Anne when she was my facilitator during a three day management course at AIM called 'Managing People Effectively'.

Three days is long time to be cooped up in a room completing intensive training but wow, what an amazing experience! The energy and exuberance Kerry brought to the table every single day was completely infectious and helped all of us in our small group to get into the flow of the course each day.

Her emotional intelligence is off the chart and her understanding of what makes people 'tick' is something that truly needs to be experienced.

I most enjoyed the countless 'aha' moments that Kerry Anne was able to lead me towards and have already started implementing some of these now that I'm back at work.

While there were so many, some of my most valuable insights from the course were around pinpointing some of the key areas I need to work on (some I was aware of and some I was not!). On top of this, I really enjoyed learning about some different and effective structures around providing positive and constructive feedback to team members. Finally, I was really interested in understanding the perfect feedback ratios (positive to constructive) within high performing organisations.

Kerry also worked with us to spend some time on introspection and goal setting which I found very enlightening as well.

I would absolutely recommend Kerry Anne's services to anyone out there who wants to move from being a mediocre manager of people to an inspiring leader of superstars!

One on One Coaching Feedback

One on One Coaching Feedback

Discover How We Get You Results: 5 Step Coaching System

Introducing the 5-Step Client Break-through System. This system is used for every session we have together and is adaptable and flexible to meet your needs. In a single session we can work through the entire 5 steps or we may find that we need to work through the 5 steps over 2 or even more of the sessions. The session content is guided by how we work through the 5 steps and what your specific needs

5-Step Client Breakthrough Coaching System

Gain Clarity on Your Direction

  • Each session, I help you to clarify your vision and direction for what you want to achieve

Strategise Your Actions

  • “If you want to achieve this result, how are we going to make it happen?”

Upgrade Your Skills

  • We identify and help you to develop your skills so you can achieve your goals. Sessions 2 - 9 focus on building these skills

Optimise Your Environment

  • I help you to plan for obstacles or challenges to you achieving your goals
  • I help you to develop strategies for overcoming these

Master Your Psychology

  • I help you to identify and then work on releasing you from your fears, doubts, self-limiting beliefs and insecurities that may hold you back from achieving your goals
  • I help you to create confidence and new, empowering beliefs


At Skill Junction, we know that sometimes you want specialised attention to get you super-quick results to your most pressing problems. VIP Private Consulting Days are a whole day of personalised (and/or your team if desired) attention to strategise, solve and achieve accelerated success within a very short space of time in the areas of: motivation, engagement and influencing others, mapping your career or team performance plan, building your personal brand, or addressing any challenges you may be experiencing in your business and or team.

VIP Investment:

Full Day $3,497 including GST

Half Day $1,748.50 including GST


  1. Pre-Session Questionnaire to help target your key challenges
  2. Kerry Anne's over 20 year's experience, programmes and resources available for your specialised needs
  3. Agenda and Action Plan: we recommend 1 - 2 key items of focus
  4. Recording of the day for personal use

A VIP day is especially perfect for those who wish to keep their working arrangement with Kerry Anne confidential. Kerry Anne privately consults leaders as well as peers who desire for her to be their “behind-the-scenes secret weapon” in their leadership career path.

To discuss your individual situation and begin the interview process, please contact the Skill Junction Team at or call me direct on 0430 435 593

What Others Say

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