Workshops and Online Masterminds

At Skill Junction, our aim is to help our customers and learners achieve learning in the way they want. To this end, we offer both face to face as well online mastermind options for our clients.


Our Face to Face Workshops are highly interactive and the focus is on you, our client and your requirements, learning style and expectations.

We offer stand-alone workshops that can be customised at 2 different levels - this can be discussed at the needs analysis stage.

We continuously roll out new and exciting talks, resources and videos which you can access after your course to add to your learning experience and reinforce what you have learnt. 

We also offer webinars as a way to follow-up and embed learning

All workshops can be adjusted to suit a 2 hour (Lunch and Learn type format)  1/2 day or can be fully customised to a client's needs.  

Please contact us if you would like more detail about any of these topics or other topics.


Busy Professionals

Communicating with Influence 

Productivity and Time Management 

Dealing with Difficult People 

Negotiating at Work

Problem Solving, Decision Making and Critical Thinking

Emotional Intelligence at Work (Includes an EI Assessment) 

Thriving: Dealing with Change and Developing Resilience 

Powerful Presentations that Pop! 

Customer Service 

Sales Fundamentals

LinkedIn for Career Success

Brand YOU! - helping you build your professional career brand

Behavioural Styles at Work - using DISC  

New Supervisors and Managers

The New Supervisor 

Managing Mindset 

Managing People 

Managing Performance 

Managing Change

Woman of Influence 

Online Masterminds

Our Mastermind Groups utilise the workshop modules in an online format OR can be customised according to client need.

Our online Masterminds provide an excellent alternative for staff who are geographically dispersed.  Learning is broken into bite size sessions over a course of weeks or months.

See also our group coaching option

Discover How We Get You Results: our "secret sauce" for making your learning event a raving success!


A needs analysis provides valuable insight into the current challenges and how these are being addressed.  The correct learning solution can then be delivered with greater effectiveness and buy-in from learners and their managers.

Sad Fact: most individuals and organisations do NOT know what they really want from a workshop until they complete a needs analysis 

Sad Fact No. 2: over 80% of any negativity or resistance experienced initially in a workshop is due to staff not being properly briefed  about or understanding the need for their attending the training


Depending on the type of solution a customer has purchased, customisation allows Skill Junction to develop a meaningful workshop that hits the pain points quickly and solves problems at a very personal and organisation-specific level.  We have 3 levels of customisation to suit client budgets and needs.

Sad Fact: many organisations use training as an opportunity to "fix" their employees rather than directly addressing behaviours and challenges facing the organisation, undermining training effectiveness and the learner's experience


My personal experience of teaching adults is that they love to experience their learning whilst engaging with others in a safe yet stretching environment.  Stories, case studies and chances to apply their learning by far create the most memorable learning experiences.

Happy Fact: when people enjoy what they are learning, they are far more likely to apply it back in the workplace.  They are also more likely to tell others about the positive experience, thereby encouraging large-scale change to occur.


Because we do a needs analysis upfront, we can measure and interrogate the feedback and input we get following the workshop or roll-out.  We measure learning effectiveness at 3 different levels to identify training effectiveness and future training needs.  This allows for a greater opportunity to show return on investment for our clients.

Sad Fact: many organisations and managers do not measure their learning initiatives or provide follow-up support for learners which means training becomes an expensive yet pointless exercise

Monthly Webinars: a quick and easy alternative to Workshops and online Masterminds...

And, if you are looking for quick learning, that allows your staff from geographically diverse and dispersed areas to keep up their learning, check out our Online Webinars.  

Our 60 minute webinars have been developed to give you quick, easy to implement tools and solutions to burning questions.  

Check them out here