Workshops and Online Masterminds

At Skill Junction, our aim is to develop managers and leaders to bravely step up to the challenges of the 21st century. 

Our workshops are based on actual workplace learning with managers, leaders and their teams over 20 years, across multiple industries and hearing thousands of inspiring stories about how our work has helped others...

7 Signature Workshops 

1- Managing Mindset and Harnessing Healthy Habits

2- Managing Time, Purpose and Priorities

3- Managing People, Conflict and Difficult Behaviours

4- Managing Service and Sales

5- Managing for Performance and Growth

6- Managing Change and Developing Resilience

7- Managing Your Professional Career Brand

Each of these workshops complement each of the others to form an entire programme for leaders and their teams.  So, depending on your needs and challenges, we can craft and customise according to your needs.

And, whilst our workshops tend to be face to face, we recognise and have developed our online offerings to combine with face to face to offer a "blended" approach to reinforce learning and allow for geographically dispersed teams to benefit from learning.

Coaching is an integral part of any learning programme and forms a solid foundation of trust within the teams in which we work.

Our workshops are highly interactive and the focus is on you, our client and your requirements, learning style and expectations.

What Others Say.....


I worked with Kerry Anne, as a student whilst attending the ‘People Matters’ Program.

My expectations in attending this leadership course were to keep in touch when approaching matters concerning employees, management and other stakeholders. I also wanted further development for career prospects. Kerry Anne helped me achieve this by showing me new and innovated ideas on how to communicate with different people at all levels. She also motivated me by giving me back my ‘wow factor’ which I had begun to lose in my current workplace.

What I appreciate the most about her is that Kerry Anne has taken the time to give back to other people what she has learnt through her own life skills and education. She shared personal and business information which stayed within the boundaries of the program and was very respectful. Kerry Anne was overall one of the nicest people I have met in a long time.

One of the scenario’s that Kerry Anne gave the group was to sell the People Matters program to one of the four personality types and then receive feedback from this group. This was a lot harder than I thought it was and I really think I over thought on how to sell it. The feedback wasn’t entirely negative but it showed me that we can do it better. I think most of the group thought this.

One of the biggest takeaways from the course was people aren’t their behaviors. I never really considered this but will definitely assess this more.

The reason I would recommend her is because Kerry Anne sold this brilliant program beautifully, I didn’t really think there was so much involved when dealing with people. I was thinking small fries in comparison to what is being offered in terms of Management and Leadership, now I have so much more information that I can put to good use.

Things that I probably took for granted:

  • Acknowledging that when a conversation stops, relationships stop
  • Giving staff empowerment when leading and encouraging them
  • 6-7 people is the most you should manage to get the best outcome
  • Personality traits (four styles). I’ve had this explained before but nothing quite like this

- Sherri Hasted, Senior Administration Officer

I recently attended the Passport 2 Leadership training course you facilitated as part of my transition from team member to team leader. I am currently working in Transport and Main Roads as Senior Graphic Designer. As confirmed in your workshops I have to keep moving forward, be adaptable and keep abreast of change and I found this course particularly relevant. At times, it felt as though you were talking directly to me about my situation. I am relieving in higher duties and shadowing a colleague on his path to retirement. I believe that in my leadership journey I can “take small steps to sculpture the job to suit myself”.


I recently spent twelve months on a secondment as team leader at the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services and your teachings reinforced my learnings and built on that experience. I felt as though I found my niche there as I was leading a team of graphic designers and was interacting constantly with the Communications team and senior management.


Thank you Kerry Anne for engaging the attendees, maintaining our interest over the three days and for inspiring us to strive and thrive.  As a rating, without hesitation, I would give you a 10 out of 10 and would definitely recommend you as an educator. I found your way of engaging the team very inspirational—you made us work, think and have faith in our ability. You encouraged us to look at ourselves, improve, make changes—but always in a positive way.


Your insight into the future workforce taught us that we must not be complacent, we must be adaptable and we can survive and embrace change. Sharing your experiences, learnings and resources ensures we are well equipped to embrace our future. My main takeaway was that “I can make a difference”.

- John L Bottesini

Benefits of Working with Kerry Anne

and the Skill Junction Team: 

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    Confiden​ce that with over 20 years experience of working with managers, we know what works and what doesn't
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    Customisation according to your specific needs so your training hits the mark
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    End to end process and support so you get personalised attention and a structured approach which means you are not left hanging, trying to work out if you are "doing it right"
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    We continuously roll out new and exciting talks, resources and videos which you can access after your course to add to your learning experience and reinforce what you have learnt. 
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    Webinars as a way to follow-up and embed learning.
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    All workshops can be adjusted to suit a 2 hour (Lunch and Learn type format)  1/2 day or can be fully customised to a client's needs.

Each of these workshops work to form an entire programme for leaders and their teams.  So, depending on your needs and challenges, we can craft and customise according to your needs

Our workshops are highly interactive and the focus is on you, our client and your requirements, learning style and expectations.


Online Masterminds

Our Mastermind Groups utilise the workshop modules in an online format OR can be customised according to client need.

Our online Masterminds provide an excellent alternative for staff who are geographically dispersed.  Learning is broken into bite size sessions over a course of weeks or months.

See also our group coaching option

Discover How We Get You Results: our "secret sauce" for making your learning event a raving success!


A needs analysis provides valuable insight into the current challenges and how these are being addressed.  The correct learning solution can then be delivered with greater effectiveness and buy-in from learners and their managers.

Sad Fact: most individuals and organisations do NOT know what they really want from a workshop until they complete a needs analysis 

Sad Fact No. 2: over 80% of any negativity or resistance experienced initially in a workshop is due to staff not being properly briefed  about or understanding the need for their attending the training


Depending on the type of solution a customer has purchased, customisation allows Skill Junction to develop a meaningful workshop that hits the pain points quickly and solves problems at a very personal and organisation-specific level.  We have 3 levels of customisation to suit client budgets and needs.

Sad Fact: many organisations use training as an opportunity to "fix" their employees rather than directly addressing behaviours and challenges facing the organisation, undermining training effectiveness and the learner's experience


My personal experience of teaching adults is that they love to experience their learning whilst engaging with others in a safe yet stretching environment.  Stories, case studies and chances to apply their learning by far create the most memorable learning experiences.

Happy Fact: when people enjoy what they are learning, they are far more likely to apply it back in the workplace.  They are also more likely to tell others about the positive experience, thereby encouraging large-scale change to occur.


Because we do a needs analysis upfront, we can measure and interrogate the feedback and input we get following the workshop or roll-out.  We measure learning effectiveness at 3 different levels to identify training effectiveness and future training needs.  This allows for a greater opportunity to show return on investment for our clients.

Sad Fact: many organisations and managers do not measure their learning initiatives or provide follow-up support for learners which means training becomes an expensive yet pointless exercise

Monthly Webinars: a quick and easy alternative to Workshops and online Masterminds...

And, if you are looking for quick learning, that allows managers and their teams from geographically diverse and dispersed areas to keep up their learning, check out our Online Webinars.  

Our 60 minute webinars have been developed to give you quick, easy to implement tools and solutions to burning questions managers and their teams have.  

Check them out here

What Others Say.....


Kerry facilitated a leadership course I attended earlier this year.  

My expectations in attending this leadership course were to develop my skills in order to manage a new team so that we are valued, efficient and successful.  She helped me achieve this by giving me the tools to manage performance, identify and capitalize on different personality types, and develop communication skills.  What I appreciate the most about her is enthusiasm, patience and passion. One of the biggest takeaways from the course was to delegate the technical tasks to allow time to focus on leadership.  The reason I would recommend her is because Kerry is very earnest and knowledgeable. 

- Tina Craig, Senior Advisor, Office of the Deputy Director-General


My expectations in attending this leadership course were that I might get some guidance and clarity to support me make some career focused decisions. My expectations were far exceeded:  

Kerry provided the perfect environment for one of the most open honest shared learning experiences I have ever been a part of. Re-Instilling a sense of self appreciation. 

 What I appreciate the most about her is her 110% commitment to everyone in the room and commitment to their learning needs, her charm, unwavering energy and comprehensive content knowledge. 


Kerry Anne worked me and the group by keeping things real; using examples and scenarios everyone can relate to. She sent us away with a strategy and a new found belief in ourselves. GOLD!


One of the biggest takeaways from the course was a new found belief in my own ability and tools to guide me on my way one conversation at a time. 


The reason I would recommend her is because she is outstanding at her job because it is so evident she is there because she wants to be. 


I would describe Kerry's delivery style as energetic, engaging, honest, open, flexible 


- Niamh Shuley, Senior Advisor, Employment Arrangements, Human Resources